So, who is this
Robert Gourley anyway?

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A designer
that delivers results

Robert Gourley is a Strategic UX/UI designer with a proven record of designing products for the world’s most recognized brands. Leader in user experience design for complex digital products. Award-winning designer with an emphasis on cross-platform design. Excels at motivating and inspiring UX/UI teams to deliver superb creative work under tight deadlines. Creative work rewarded with multiple awards, including two Webby Awards, and featured in several industry blogs and magazines.


years in the


design companies founded


filed patents for prototyping tools


Awards received for design work

My design philosphy

I start with "why?". I ask questions to start getting to the truth of the design problem.

Team Management

Managing a creative team requires flexibility and openness. The creative process is challenging and distributed working makes it even more so. I manage creative teams from a place of honesty and openness.

Product Strategy

Design is not a "skin" you put on a product after the fact. Emotion and usability are blended within the UX of the product. I help elevate design to being part of the product strategy.

Design Systems

Great design comes when you can free up product teams from repetitive design tasks. I help create internal design systems to avoid busy work and UX/UI mistakes.

Design Thinking

I strive to have a growth mindset and to introduce design thinking across the company to improve product experience across the board. Everyone is a creator, even if they don't use design tools.

Clients I've worked with

Throughout my career, I've been humbled to work with brands both large and small. I only take on project that I feel I can make and impact and help grow the business through smart design.

I shoot photos for fun,
not profit.

My first entry into the world of creativity was through photography.
I ended up running the photography lab in my high school. It's been my hobby ever since. My work has been published in a few magazines and websites, but I use photography as a creative outlet, not a business. You can follow me on unsplash.

Woah, this all seems a little pretentious

Trust me, I don't sit in cafes in a beret and talking color theory all day while sketching interesting doors. (Well, maybe not the beret part at least). I like getting hands-on, solving problems in the most direct way possible. Send me a note, I'm happy to connect.

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