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I am a user experience design leader with proven experience building consumer-facing web products and SaaS platforms at scale. I help companies design their UX/UI strategy and lead creative teams to build a strong foundation for long-term product success. I’m a strategic designer that works hands-on when it makes sense to do so. My product design experience ranges from consumer to enterprise, across multiple endpoints, from desktop to web apps, mobile and SmartTV products.

Other than my professional work, you can see my passion for photography on Instagram, my design thoughts on Twitter or my business casual stuff on Linkedin. And yes, I do like long walks on the beach.

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Axure Cloud Product Design
Amy Maniatis
“Robert is simply as good as it gets when it comes to collaborating on pioneering innovative and cool ways to reach and engage your audience. The work we were able to create together at Nimblefish, CafePress and later at National Geographic was not only the most FUN but the most creative and impactful.”
Amy Maniatis
CMO, National Geographic
Amy Maniatis
“Robert is someone you want to be around. Besides being an stellar thinker and designer, he is an awesome individual. Inspirational and genuine. Always dependable and easy to work with he has a knack for making it look effortless.”
Asia Giles
VP, Creative Director Prudential Financial
Amy Maniatis
“Simply stated, Robert is one of those rare people who is both delightful to work with AND incredibly competent. His supportive, easy going style and sense of humor inspires a fun, productive atmosphere (even when the heat is on), while his insight, focus and vision consistently proves out killer creative solutions for even the most challenging projects.”
Richard Mueller
Senior Designer at CBS Interactive
Amy Maniatis
Working for Robert was a great experience for me and the entire team. His concepts and ideas were always on point, and he was always looking for ways to drive the projects into a more interactive experience. I highly recommend his talent to others.
Carlos Cañas
UX Designer at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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