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Boombox UI design


As a product design & user experience leader, I specialize in integrating AI seamlessly into products, enhancing user experiences without adding complexity.

My product design experience ranges from consumer to enterprise, across multiple endpoints, from desktop to web apps, mobile and SmartTV products. I'm hands-on, lead from the front and work hard to build supportive teams.


"Great design without compromise. That is what you get working with Robert Gourley. He will push you and your product to new heights. If product design excellence is what you are truly after but you feel blocked or aren't quite sure how to get there, look no further."


Will Ross, CEO & Co-Founder of Federato

“Robert is someone you want to be around. Besides being an stellar thinker and designer, he is an awesome individual. Inspirational and genuine. Always dependable and easy to work with he has a knack for making it look effortless.”


Asia Giles, VP/Creative Director Prudential Financial