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Robert Gourley freelance product design

A Design Leader that Delivers Lasting Results

I partner with startups and established businesses, providing feelance user experience design services and crafting innovative digital products. My services range from conducting impartial UX audits and reviews of your product to full-scale redesigns or designing new products from scratch.

With a deep understanding of product design, I merge effective UX strategy and engaging UI design to craft products that truly connect with your target audience. By focusing on your business goals, researching user needs, and employing a user-centric approach, I ensure that each element of the product design process, from initial concept to final implementation, is meticulously catered to your users’ expectations. I help ensure your product and team's success through robust strategy and design system implementation, complete with a comprehensive component library in Figma and thorough documentation, all aimed at enhancing your team's efficiency long after our collaboration.


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Product Design Services

I work collaboratively with your existing design team (if you have one) to help elevate your product experience through strategy and pixel-perfect design. No egos, just alignment to hit your product goals.

UX Strategy

Every successful product begins with a well-thought-out UX strategy. This process involves understanding your business goals, identifying your target audience, researching their needs and behaviors, and creating a plan to ensure your product addresses these needs effectively. I work closely with your team to establish a solid UX strategy that serves as a roadmap for the entire product design process. For existing products, a thorough review starts the process, following which we can consider a redesign or an entirely fresh approach. Ultimately, I aim to create a product driven by a robust design system.

Emotive Product Design

The heart of a truly exceptional product lies in its design. As a design leader, I understand that a well-executed UI is more than just a pretty interface; it's the bridge between your product and its users, guiding them and shaping their overall experience. Using Figma, I specialize in creating UI designs that are not just visually appealing but also intuitively easy to navigate.

My design philosophy is centered around creating interfaces that are both user-friendly and emotionally resonant, aligning with your brand's identity and amplifying the user experience. This goes beyond aesthetics to encompass usability and functionality, ensuring that your users find value in every interaction with your product.Coupled with my services in UX strategy, website design, and design systems creation, this approach to product design creates a holistic, interconnected design process. Each service reinforces and enhances the others, leading to a product that is not only well-crafted and user-centric, but also primed for success. Ultimately, my goal is to design products that delight users and drive growth for your business.

Design System Creation

A design system plays a crucial role in maintaining the consistency and usability of your product across different platforms.  I specialize in creating comprehensive design systems that encompass all the vital components of your product, ranging from color palettes, typography, and UI elements, to more complex design patterns.Leveraging the power of Figma, I build design libraries tailored to your product needs. These libraries serve as a single source of truth for your team, allowing them to easily iterate and build upon your product while preserving its consistency and enhancing its usability. By freeing up your team's time from creating repetitive elements, these design systems enable them to focus more on strategic tasks, thus accelerating the design process and promoting better product outcomes.

Clients I've worked with

Throughout my career, I've been humbled to work with brands both large and small. I only take on project that I feel I can make and impact and help grow the business through smart design.


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