Visual design for key Apple Web Properties

Challenge and Roles at Apple

As a lead designer, I've directed visual design projects for key sections of the Apple website, including the design of's first website upon Steve Jobs's return as well as the creation of one of the first iTunes e-commerce apps on Facebook. My work has spanned various domains, such as Apple Education, Diversity initiatives, and product sites for Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro.

My time collaborating with Apple, both remotely and in-house, has been a cornerstone of my career. This partnership has offered me unparalleled opportunities to refine my design skills and deepen my expertise in crafting user-centric digital experiences with a energetic team of creative individuals.

Apple Projects

While specifics are under wraps due to confidentiality, my role often involved deep research and design phases, particularly notable in pioneering the iTunes gift card purchase through Facebook—a novel concept at the time.

The focus of my design efforts has always been on the end user, aiming to create intuitive UI and engaging digital experiences that cater to the diverse needs of Apple's global audience.

Key Features and Innovations

My projects have introduced innovative features designed to enhance user interaction and satisfaction across Apple's digital properties, including streamlined e-commerce functionalities and enriched educational and diversity-focused content for a wide range of audiences.


My journey with Apple has reinforced the value of user-focused design and the impact of creative thinking on the brand experience. Collaborating with a pioneer like Apple has pushed me to continually evolve as a designer, always striving to merge aesthetics with user-centered functionality.

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