Axure RP 10

Axure RP 10 Product Design

As VP of Product Design, I led the product design of Axure RP 10. I worked with the founders to develop Axure's future product vision and strategy, refining and simplifying its core product while developing additional products to service new and existing customers.

Axure RP 10 is a ground-up redesign of the Axure RP design tool and includes significant improvements to the usability, workflow, and features of the product. We started with a complete audit of existing features, then moved to user research to identify the biggest areas of user experience issues. The was balanced with a roadmap of new product features and sunsetting some outdated items.

The next step was working with the product team to explore UX concepts and unifying common UI patterns. Additionally, new RP 10 features were built into prototypes and tested with users. The learning was then integrated and tested again.

After a design exploration phase, I moved into building a design system that would help us reuse common UI elements across the application. Thus UI kit would also allow the product team to explore smaller features or work through user tasks inside RP 10.

Axure RP was often noted as being a powerful, yet esoteric piece of software. As part of my UX and UI overhaul of Axure 10, we simplified and cleaned up confusing workflows. We ended up with still the most powerful product in the space, yet still easy to learn for newcomers and those coming from other UX design tools.  In the end, we delivered a great-looking product that has all the power that Axure RP is known for.

I also redesigned the marketing website as part of the product launch.