Transforming Insurance with AI-Driven Underwriting Solutions

Federato Product Design

Federato is an advanced machine learning underwriting platform that empowers insurance carriers with real-time insights. It facilitates informed risk-taking and bolsters decision-making processes across all tiers of underwriting, thereby promoting an agile and insightful operation.

During the design process, we dedicated more than 1,200 hours interviewing underwriters. The objective was to thoroughly understand their workflow, their challenges, and how our product could enhance their daily operations. This comprehensive immersion furnished me with deep insights that served as the cornerstone for designing Federato's user interfaces.

Federato Unified Underwriting Workflow
Federato Dashboard

Federato Insurance Workflow
Federato Risk Maps

Federato Heat Maps

In addition to these interviews, I made onsite visits to observe users in their work environment. Watching them interact with our platform in real-time scenarios provided me with practical context and helped drive product improvement.

Despite a lean design team, my role was to ensure an optimal user experience that was intuitive and efficient. Every design decision I made was propelled by a profound understanding of our user's needs, along with a commitment to delivering a product that wasn't only functional, but deeply understood how insurance underwriters work.

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